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What our clients say

Our trustees have no reservations in the abilities of Jo to lead this programme...we see Jo as a person with all the skills essential to connect with school principals, funding agencies, Government Ministers and the public at large.

Jo is extremely good at dealing with people and the challenges they can often pose in project work and is a very capable strategic project manager.

Her programme management is exemplary and proven through the rolling out of the Bikes in Schools Programme

It is largely Jo’s leadership and astute identification of underlying issues that the project is now underway.

I admire Jo’s ability to manage and/or influence the many different people and organisations involved. This is a valuable skill and I think the ongoing successful roll-out is clear confirmation of her abilities in this area.

Jo has a broad skillset to draw on for this work. This includes sound project and programme management, an accessible communication style and a preparedness to pick up the phone when she needs to sort out a current or impending issue. The latter is only possible because she has taken the time to invest in our relationship and in a joint problem-solving approach.

Her relationship skills mean that we have been able to build an open, constructive and positive partnership where we can be confident of the other’s commitment. At every level she has been a pleasure to work with.

I am happy to endorse the quality of work provided by Jo, the confidential consultation process was efficiently and respectfully provided with a most positive outcome.

I have found Jo to be extremely professional, approachable and an excellent communicator.

Working with Jo was an absolute pleasure. Her skills and experience in marketing formed an excellent knowledge base critical to moving this project forward. Her integrity, enthusiasm and team spirit are a credit to her. The project flowed effortlessly, which in my opinion reflects Jo’s ability to develop successful working relationships and achieving predetermined goals.

Operating at the highest levels, Jo was responsible for managing strategy and delivery across a wide range of marketing and business development activities. In her time with Air New Zealand she was exposed to all aspects of the marketing mix with activity ranging from customer research and direct marketing activity through to collateral design and mass media advertising. Of particular note was her management of the Group’s onboard retail programme. Jo took this programme and applied a comprehensive development plan, turning it from a flailing business into a 10 million dollar revenue stream.

Jo’s responsibilities exposed her to a wide range of experiences and individuals. In all of these areas she applied a professional and positive approach and in so doing endeared herself to peers, suppliers and customers alike.

Intelligent, quick witted, and conscientious, Jo has a strong grasp of the core marketing principles and a unique empathy with the customer and would prove a strong asset to any marketing team.

I have found Jo to have strong management skills, always bringing the correct people together to try and sort out a better solution for a potential problem.

Teno pai Jo. Toa hinga kore, toa mate kore - Courage knows no defeat! We really appreciate your ongoing support for ... this kaupapa.

Tino pai tō mahi, Jo.

We chose you as a direct result of having worked with you previously and were impressed with your expertise and ability to deliver what was promised… We were again impressed by your expertise and understanding of what we wanted to achieve in marketing, communication and key issue management. We appreciated your approach to the task, particularly being able to meet regularly to discuss your very valuable suggestions about how to proceed and get the very best results. Again thank you for your outstanding work.

Your very high level of professionalism, your ability to respond to the needs of the organisation, and your personal approach in working with us, are all attributes which we appreciated and valued in our working relationship.